Keep Composed is a new school program, developed at Macquarie University, Centre for Emotional Health, to provide adolescents with the understanding and skills to respond to uncertainty with self-assurance and calm.  This research explores the integration of cognitive behavioural and mindfulness approaches to reduce worry and increase motivation in adolescents.

It is an 8 session school program which was developed using  psychological research on uncertainty, resilience, and mindfulness. Keep Composed uses a range of interactive methods (movies, experiments and reflection) to engage students and staff. It is run by a psychologist and can be tailored to individual school needs. 

The program:
  • helps teenagers maintain healthy self esteem through recognition of traps that may undermine it (avoidance of feelings and challenging situations),
  • teaches an ability to detach from worry and self critical thoughts,
  • teaches mindfulness and active coping styles,
  • explores the way a range of situations have the capacity to trigger a negative reaction by playing with a teen’s desire for certainty (eg. developing friendships, using social media, appearance concerns, relationship and academic goals).

The research is funded by schools when the program is delivered. The funding covers the cost of program implementation and evaluation. Specific research questions are developed in partnership with participating schools.

For further information on use of the program at your school email: 

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